Visualization for Softball Positions

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Visualization is something that many do not realize the potential for.  Our bodies do actually have some physiological effect as a result of visualization. there is also a psychological effect such as confidence and a perceived improvement that can occur which has a positive effect on performance.  Here are some common things that happen for all of the softball positions.  I have compiled a number of visualizations for softball positions that can be done either before games or practices and even before going to sleep at night time.

Use the following points to visualize specifics for your position.

Visualization for Softball Positions


  • Stretching out to receive a throw for the out
  • Tag out for a runner off the bag
  • Scooping a throw in the dirt for the out
  • Clean fielding and throwing to home
  • Clean fielding and toss to the second baseman covering first base
  • Calling for the ball
  • Getting back to first base cleanly for the throw
  • Receiving a hard throw at first base and catching it
  • Ready position at the bag for a throw
  • Getting into position for a cut and making a play at a base
  • Getting into position for a cut and letting it go through to home plate
  • Encouraging teammates
  • Fielding back hand ground balls (short hops)
  • Tagging a runner on a dive back at first base
  • Pick off by catcher (footwork to get back to bag)
  • Bunt coverage


  • Tagging a runner out at bag
  • Underhand toss to first base for an out
  • Underhand toss to shortstop at second base
  • A quick sidearm throw to first base
  • A clean backhand flip to shortstop at second base
  • Encouraging teammates
  • Calling loudly for the ball
  • Clean fielding and throwing
  • Double play from shortstop to the bag
  • Back hand ground balls
  • Backing up at first base
  • Receiving a tough throw at second base and catching it
  • Receiving a tough throw at first base and catching it
  • Pop ups between the infield and outfield
  • Relay on a deep hit to the outfield
  • Diving to catch ground balls and line drives


  • Back hand ground balls
  • Underhand toss to third base
  • Receiving a tough throw at second base and catching it
  • Covering second base on a bunt
  • Covering third base on a bunt
  • Calling loudly for the ball
  • Encouraging teammates
  • Receiving a tough throw at third base and catching it
  • Underhand toss to SS at second base
  • Sidearm throw to second base
  • Tag at second base
  • Feed to second base on double play
  • Pop ups between infield and outfield – outfielder calls you off
  • Ground balls in hole, pivot and throw
  • Diving to catch ground ball or line drive
  • Relay on a deep hit to the outfield


  • Bail out and cover third base from in close coverage
  • Tag outs at the base
  • Calling loudly for the ball
  • Clean fielding and throw to first base
  • Clean fielding and throw to second base
  • Clean fielding and throw to home plate
  • Clean fielding and toss to third base
  • Encouraging team mates
  • Back hand ground ball on the line
  • Ground ball to your left in front of shortstop
  • Bunt pick up and throw first, second, or third
  • Diving to catch a ground ball or line drive
  • Foul pop ups near the fence/dugout


  • Framing strikes
  • blocking dirt pitches
  • Block and tag at plate
  • Extending up to catch a high pitch
  • Getting to wild pitches quickly
  • Throwing a nice low toss to the plate after a passed ball
  • Pop outs in front of plate
  • Pop outs near backstop
  • Bad pitch inside & outside
  • Steal throw mechanics at second and third base
  • Pickoff throws runners on first and third base


  • Fielding ground balls to your left and right
  • Mechanics of bunt coverage and throws
  • Pop Ups
  • Wild pitch coverage at the plate
  • Pointing up to the side of a pop up to the catcher
  • Covering first base on ground ball
  • Backing up third and home plate on throws from the outfield
  • Work with catchers on intentional walks


  • Side to side range
  • Up and back range
  • One down on ground ball
  • Crow hopping
  • Backing each other up
  • Tweeners in the gaps
  • Coordination between infield, outfield, on short fly ball
  • Diving to catch a ball
  • Diving to cut off a ball going to the gap
Visualization for Softball Positions
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Visualization for Softball Positions
I have put together some things that players can visualize before games or even during practices. This can be done at home or just before the activity.
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