Visualization Activities for Softball

Visualization Activities for SoftballTry the following visualization activities for softball.  You might find that it is easier than you thought it was because you were not able to think about something specific. Be sure to visualize correct technique for specific skills

Visualization Activities for Softball

Exercise 1 (seeing through visualization)

  • Imagine a softball diamond …..
  • Imagine bases on the field …..
  • Imagine players positioned on the field…..
  • Imagine you fielding a ball in your position …..
  • Imagine you fielding a ball and firing it to 2nd base …..
  • Imagine the person on 2nd catching the ball and tagging the runner out …..

Exercise 2 (hearing through visualization)

  • Imagine the sound of players talking about the day before the warm-up …..
  • Imagine the sound of spectators …..
  • Imagine the sound of the team cheer before the game …..
  • Imagine the sound of the opponent’s bat hitting the ball …..
  • Imagine the sound of a team-mate calling for the ball …..
  • Imagine the sound of the umpire calling “OUT!” …..

Exercise 3 (physically feeling through visualization)

  • Imagine the feel of a bat in your hands …..
  • Imagine the feel of the weight of your body in a solid stance at the plate …..
  • Imagine the feel of your hands on a solid drive of the ball …..
  • Imagine the feel of the hard ground on your feet as you are running to 2nd base …..
  • Imagine the feel of the field on your back as you slide safely into 3rd base …..

Exercise 4 (smelling through visualization)

  • Imagine the smell of fresh cut grass on the field …..
  • Imagine the smell of the leather from your glove …..
  • Imagine the smell of oil that you put on your glove …..
  • Imagine the smell of your favorite dinner cooking on the stove …..

Exercise 5 (tasting through visualization)

  • Imagine the taste of your favorite dinner that you just smelled …..
  • Imagine the taste of a dry mouth when you are thirsty …..
  • Imagine the taste or lack of taste of water that you drink after or during the game …..
  • Imagine the taste of a favorite beverage after a hard fought game ……

After you have experimented with the activities, try to visualize or imagine general things in your daily activities.

Visualization Activities for Softball
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Visualization Activities for Softball
Visualization Activities for Softball is a combination of sample visualization exercises for seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and hearing the game.
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