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softball tutor success storiesShannon McDougall and her Softball Tutor Academy has helped my team tremendously! I was a first year travel ball coach three years ago and looking for all the help I could get. I ran across Shannon’s Facebook page, Softball Tutor. What a great find that was! From drills to mental training, I was using all of it. I started one on one conversations with Shannon and she was always quick to respond with great advice and tips. My team went from dead last in the state to third in the state in one season! I have to say my players worked hard, but Shannon’s assistance played a huge role in helping us get there. I highly recommend Shannon & Softball Tutor to every level player and coach. We are just starting in depth mental training through the exercises in her book, Beginning Mental Training Skills for Softball. Can’t wait to see how much more my players improve!

Kelley Mills
Head Coach
Bayside Breeze
12U Mills

I am a fairly new coach who has been given a team by the association. Trying to figure out how to even start the season. Shannon gave me ideas on how to plan my season and to be prepared for the start without feeling nervous. I am looking forward to being able to just ask questions as I go and to be able to benefit from her experience.

Minor League Coach

I played my first season of softball last year. I was a nervous player and didn’t know what I was doing. First game I ran with the bat, ran around home plate and took a ball to the face. As the most inexperienced player on my softball team I started out with literally no skills. I was lucky enough to take several coaching sessions with Shannon. During my sessions I became a more confident player and my skills improved greatly. Shannon showed me practical techniques, explained the game in a way I could understand and was patient as I learned at my own speed. The best moment I remember was catching a ball in right field that the most intimidating batter in my division had hit. It was my proudest moment of the season, thanks to the time Shannon spent coaching me.

Portia Lanyon,
Adult Women’s League

I was 31 when a friend and I decided to meet new people through joining a softball team. I had never played team sports and did not consider myself athletic by any means. I found that my skills were lacking from throwing to hitting to actually understanding the game. I learned the basic skills from Shannon including how to throw, field and hit and learned about this complicated game by watching with her as she explained the concepts and rules. My confidence grew as my skill level increased and as a result and I began to really enjoy the game that I still love today.

Sandy Zelyas
Adult League

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