Quick Focusing Strategies

Quick Focusing StrategiesFocusing during a game can be difficult.  I have listed a few quick focusing strategies that you can consider as you are getting ready for your game.  This might be a part of your pre game routine as you are mentally getting ready for the game and keeping your attention on the process.

Before the Warm-up

As you are preparing for the warm up, take a minute to think about the upcoming game and as you are warming up, consider what you are going to work on for the game.

  • positions
  • should plays
  • fielding mechanics
  • watching the ball off the bat
  • hitting the ball

Think about how you feel about the opponents and the potential outcome of the game?  What are you going to do to focus on the process of your game instead of being focused on the outcome or the end result of the game.

How are you going to deal with distractions before and during the game?

  • cue words
  • self talk
  • relaxation
  • visualization

Other Focusing Strategies

  • During the warm up only talk about ball
  • talk to the coaches if you are having trouble focusing

During the game

  • stay in the dugout if you are not playing
  • watch the game and what is happening
  • if you are getting distracted, look at something on the field and try to get back into the game
  • say to yourself “focus”
  • if on the field – call a time out or have a captain call a time out and meet at the pitchers circle and do a focusing activity
  • talk to the coaches if you are having trouble focusing
Quick Focusing Strategies for Softball
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Quick Focusing Strategies for Softball
There is not usually time for a complete mental training activity as you are preparing for a softball game. Here are some quick things you can do as you are getting ready that will help you remained focused during the game.
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