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tapering for softball

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Peaking, or tapering for softball, is one of the most important phases of the yearly training plan.  The benefit of the taper is a result of less physical and psychological fatigue when the main competition arrives due to an efficient use of the volume, intensity and frequency of training.  It is where your softball team can recover physically and build confidence for the upcoming main or final competitions while maintaining and even sharpening technical and tactical skills.

Ideally, Tapering will start at the beginning of the season through  Monitoring perceived level of fatigue, sleep, nutrition and social and family effects will help you to assess the immediate needs of the taper.  This can be assessed simply by talking and keeping in touch with how your athletes are feeling. Most of us however do not have that luxury for more detailed monitoring and may need to assess these influences closer to the main competition in your plan.

Often teams in tournaments are practicing every day leading up to the Main Competition of their season.

Recovery and regeneration methods will reduce accumulated fatigue that has been building through the season with the busy schedule that most teams keep.  The effectiveness of the taper will also be dependent on the recovery methods used through the season.

This is not only a time for physical recovery but also a time when the psychological training done through the season can catch up with the physical training in a less hectic environment.

This course will take you through the different components of a taper and help you to devise a real plan that you can apply to your specific softball situation.  You will receive a certificate of achievement once all of the lessons have been marked as complete however you will also have a lifetime access to the work you have done through the course.

As you work through the lessons, you will be continually updating your taper plan through the entries that you make.

You will see the following reminder as you move through the lessons.

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Please do not forget or the work done for that lesson will not be there when you go to the next lesson.  You can always re enter it into the form and save your work if that happens.

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Basic Season Planning


Failing to plan is planning to fail.  This statement says it all.  By having an end in mind for your season and working backwards, you will be as ready as you can be when you need to be.  This is how basic season planning, also known as a Yearly Planning Instrument works.

This course will take you through your upcoming season, using easy to follow lessons that you will use at the end of the course to compile your season plan.    This specific course is a beginner introduction to season planning that will be easy to follow and something that you will be able to use right away.

Basic Season Planning Lessons:

  • competition dates
  • training dates
  • team events
  • technical skills
  • tactical skills
  • mental skills
  • assessment

This course will use specific scheduling and strategies to plan your season as effectively as you can.  It is a course of planning and not necessarily strategies for specific softball components so you will possibly need to gather some additional information.   It is not a course on advanced periodization which entails much more detail including more of the physical principles of softball such as strength, power and speed.  It is for the coach who would like to either for simplicity or necessity have a season plan all in one place using some of the periodization principles such as training phases.

When you finish this course you will have a complete basic season plan that I will compile graphically for you to begin your next year or continue in your current one.  If you are having any difficulty with any lessons in this course, I will work with you to ensure that you have a full understanding and that you have a complete plan that is specific to your softball.

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