Self Regulation


Self Regulation

What is Self Regulation

Self regulation is the way that you operate in your day to day life on and off the field.  How you make decisions, how you plan your activities and how you respond to various situations.  It is also the way that you manage events that might throw you off balance such as an unexpected activity cancellation.  Use these activities to get a feel of how you regulate things in your daily life.

Game Ideal Performance State

Think of a situation in softball or outside of softball where you were feeling tense about something (ie. an exam in school) How can you use mental training skills to bring the tension back to a feeling of calm and a change in your perspective?
What kinds of things do you do when you know there is a tournament coming up? (ie. make sure you have all of your uniform items ready).
How do you know when you need to work on a part of your game and what do you do with that information? (ie. My batting average is lower than last year so I spend more time at the batting cage or with a hitting coach).
How are you planning your education? Are you getting assistance from anyone such as an academic advisor or parents?
How can you use mental training skills in your self regulation (ie. I can use goal setting for planning my education path and desired career path).