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In addition to the softball pitcher position, it is important for you to design strategies early for when the game is not going so well for you. It is to be expected for example that when you first begin pitching there will be many balls thrown and even batters walked rather than strike outs occurring. You need to remember that this is part of the process and that you need to continue developing your mechanics and especially your mental game. To focus on the outcome or the number of batters you are striking out is a destructive process and will delay your improvement.

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Softball Pitcher Position Duties

Backing up 3rd Base

  • if there is a runner going around 3rd base, you need to go to the foul side of the base path between home and 3rd base
  • you need to make sure if the ball gets past the 3rd base player, you will stop it from going any further than where you are

Backing up Home Plate

  • if there is a runner at 2nd
  • if there are bases loaded
  • if there are runners at 1st & 2nd
  • if there is a runner at 3rd

In General

This position is the one that so many want to play when they start because you touch the ball the most in a game and you get to be in the game for every batter no matter what is happening. For this reason it can also be the most  stressful position as well.

This position also requires more practice than most other positions but it is important as a youngster not to spend too many hours in the gym pitching because you will need that arm for the rest of your life.

The most important thing is to remember to have fun. This is not an easy task if you are focussed only on the outcome. Plan your success as a pitcher by focussing on the process.

Softball Pitcher Position
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Softball Pitcher Position
Softball Pitcher Position involves more than simply pitching the ball. Although pitching the ball to the batter is the most important.
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