Softball Leadership

softball leadershipFinding ways to follow through on ideas and tasks that we feel are going to help our athletes can be one of the toughest tasks as a leader. Softball leadership and maintaining consistency in the program implementation can be difficult as the season progresses.

One of the biggest tasks we have the opportunity to do is to inspire and encourage our athletes on a regular basis. It can be easy to be so focused on the improvements  at hand that you can “forget” about the human side of the game. You may sometimes think that being positive and encouraging is enough however it may not work as well as being a good role model for example.  It is important to remember that everything you do has an effect on your athletes and especially on young softball players.  If you show disappointment or frustration during an event for example, they will not always know the reason and may think you are angry at them.

Softball Leadership and Tracking

It is helpful to have a a tracking system that ensures that you are working and continuing to work on the initiatives that you implement in a softball season. This would include feedback from observers and those directly involved in the activity or activities.

This follow through would include tasks that would entail other leadership qualities such as requesting continued feedback, rewarding and recognizing athletes for their contributions and values, while being optimistic.

A plan of action to bring about positive change in a situation might include:

  • designing a checking system that will let you know at a glance where your progress is and how you have maintained the consistency in the completion of the program.
  • keep an active list of initiatives that you have implemented and how often they are to be carried out
  • keep the list to a manageable number so as not to overwhelm yourself with too much to do which could take away from your other coaching duties
  • solicit feedback through continuous dialogue with parents and athletes on the effectiveness and usefulness of the initiative

The Implementation of this plan could include the following steps:

A chart listing strategies with detailed reflections:

Strategy Date of Implementation Successful / Why? Unsuccessful / Why?

Checklist for softball leadership qualities

5 – I do very well
4 – yes I do
3 – I sort of do
2 – I could be better
1 – I do not do at all

Try this chart for practices and / or games.

1 2 3 4 5
Model the Way
– good role model
– be prepared
– start and end on time
– work hard myself
– encourage all others
– follow throug
Challenge the Process
– don’t accept the norm
– be creative
– encourage others
Enable Others to Act
– be accessible
– be open
– do not judge
Encourage the Heart
– encourage honesty
– think/act positive

Some leadership practices can be greatly improved by following through on initiatives and being consistent with expectations of athletes. There can be a tendency to allow things to “fall to the side” as the season progresses. 

In order to ensure a vision is sustained, Engage in professional development and solicit feedback where you can. It is important to be open to feedback from all sources, from athletes, to parents, to colleagues to superiors. Learn to delegate in your leadership which allow you to focus on a smaller and more effective selection of activities that can greatly enhance your ability to positively effect the athletes that you work with.

Softball Leadership
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Softball Leadership
Softball leadership is more than simply giving signals from first or third base. Our athletes need to know that we are more than that.
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