Ideal Performance State
(The Zone)


Ideal Performance State (Zone)

Recall Your Best Performance

Game Ideal Performance State

How do you get ready for competitions (ie. check pre-game plans, rest, etc)?
Write down things that you can do and words that you can say that might help you to get into the zone. (ie. positive self-talk, exercises).
Write down some common situations that affect your Ideal Performance State and how you might be able to respond to keep you in the zone. (ie. you are going to be late for warm-up - call a teammate and have them tell the coach).
Write down some potential errors that might occur during a game and what kind of preparation you can do to help you to re focus into the game (ie. watching the play instead of being in it - develop concentration skills and be a part of the play).
Write down how you can be affected by your surroundings and what you can do to keep your focus on your pre-competition preparation (ie. friends watching - use concentration skills such as picking a spot on the field, focusing on the ball as you are warming up).