Retirement from Softball

23150392Athletes that have been involved in sport at a high level for most of their lives are accustomed to a certain level of day to day activity including fitness training.  Retirement from softball will change this.

It is important to maintain a level of physical activity immediately after retirement to enhance the psychological and physical transition to a more sedentary life style.

Some of the symptoms that an athlete may experience are:

  • insomnia
  • exhaustion
  • lack of appetite
  • psychological depression

Progressive lessening of training will assist in the transition. Many national programs which are implemented upon retirement from national programs usually beginning with the number of training sessions per week and their intensities.

Participation in other sports is also very helpful as many athletes will have been inundated with their specialized sport activities during their sport careers.

Retirement from Softball
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Retirement from Softball
Retirement from softball can be difficult for you and for your body. The sudden decrease in activity or the absence of teammates can be hard.
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Softball Tutor
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