Overhand Throwing for Beginners

Overhand Throwing for Beginners



Throwing is one of the most common errors in softball.  Overthrows and inaccurate throws are where the most runs are scored, especially at the inexperienced levels.  Overhand throwing for beginners  can be stressful and learning the steps is critical at the early stages of any players career.

Teaching Overhand Throwing for Beginners

Some Things That Effect Throwing

  • importance of the game
  • opponents
  • skill level of the thrower
  • experience of the thrower
  • experience of the receiver
  • score of the game
  • knowing where the play is
  • trying to throw “carefully”

Throwing under pressure and in a rush has the potential to cause errors even with well trained athletes.  How many times have you seen someone throw into the stands at the College World Series Championships? Mechanics are critical, here is a start with a checklist that I have adapted from the “Steps to Success” series.

Throwing Checklist


  • 3 or 4 finger grip across the seams
  • glove side foot is closer to the target
  • weight is on the back foot
  • glove or glove side elbow is pointed toward the target
  • throwing hand elbow is at shoulder height at a 90 degree angle
  • ball is held in the fingers and not the palm
  • eyes are on the target


  • your eyes are on the target as you step toward it with your throwing hand foot which is now in front
  • weight transfers to your front foot then push off your front foot
  • the shoulder leads the elbow of the throwing hand
  • weight transfers to your front foot
  • your forearm rotates through with the ball up high
  • the glove hand or elbow comes down
  • the throwing hand arm extends to the target and the wrist snaps as you release the ball

Follow Through

  • your weight is on your front (glove side) foot
  • your front knee is bent
  • your throwing hand crosses over your body to the other side with your throwing shoulder forward
  • your throwing shoulder is forward almost pointing at the target
  • finish back in your balanced position with you eyes on the target you just threw to

I found it useful to laminate these checklists and have the athletes actually check the items off
while working on skills during practice 🙂

Overhand Throwing for Beginners
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Overhand Throwing for Beginners
Overhand throwing for beginners can be one of the hardest tasks in the game. Add a live game, fans and opponents and it is even more difficult.
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