Dynamic Warm Up

19012343_s (1)The purpose of a warm up is to prepare the body for action.  The purpose of a dynamic warm up is to prepare the body for performance.  It used to be that teams would run, stretch, then play.  The problem with that is that the body is not ready for dynamic movement.  Stretching should instead be done at the end of the practice or game to cool down the muscles and relax them from the activity.

Following is a sample Dynamic warm up that will get players ready to perform with more power and strength.

Dynamic Warm Up

  • arm circles 10 – 15 sec. (1 in each direction)
  • straight leg kicks 30′ X 2
  • leg swings 10 – 15 sec. (each leg)
  • high knee walk – 30′ X 2 (touch ankles)
  • butt kickers – 30′ X 2
  • lunge walk – forwad / backward
  • sprints
    • 25%  for 60′
    • 50%  for 60′
    • 75%  for 60′
    • 100%  for 60
Dynamic Warm Up
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Dynamic Warm Up
Dynamic Warm Up is a warm up that includes movement that will be used during competition and is done prior to activity to prevent injury.
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