Simple Pitching Pattern Chart

This Simple Pitching Pattern Chart is great for basic scouting for new teams 🙂  

Softball Pitching Location Chart

Use this Softball Pitching Location Chart for teaching your young pitchers how they can work on what went wrong on their own.  It makes it easier to see what happened.  Print it and give it to your pitchers. pt>

Softball Pitching Review

This softball pitching review is a quick discussion on windmill pitching and ways to improve. Dry Pitching This is a key drill for Windmill pitchers because it forms the base on which most other drills are built. As with other drills, it is a simulation of your pitching motion. It will help develop your coordination…

Softball Pitcher Position

In addition to the softball pitcher position, it is important for you to design strategies early for when the game is not going so well for you. It is to be expected for example that when you first begin pitching there will be many balls thrown and even batters walked rather than strike outs occurring….

Softball Pitch Selection

Softball Pitch Selection and Placement What Pitch to Throw…and Where to Place It     by Gerald Warner, Softball Pitching Instructor Knowing which pitch to throw and at what location…then being able to do it… is an important element of every pitcher’s effectiveness. However, there are nearly as many ideas and answers regarding pitch selection…

Pitchers Mental Training

Pitchers Mental Training Review What kinds of things do you feel effect your pitching during games: External (ie: coaches, teammates, parents, noise etc.) Internal (ie: nervous, your own expectations, etc.) List the following phases for your pitching Mechanics Preparation Execution Follow Through How do you recover when you have a bad inning? How do you…

Basic Pitching Warm Up

Use this basic pitching warm up for your young pitchers getting ready for the game.  Make sure that the catcher wears a mask and that they both get ground ball and fly balls as well.  Have them throw overhand first to get their arms warmed up. Basic Pitching Warm Up: 1. WRIST FLIPS  Stand…

Basic Pitching Information

Following is some basic pitching information.  Be sure to compare it to your league or association guidelines and change what is different to reflect your association rules. Basic Pitching Information Legal positioning Receive the ball in the pitching circle Step on the mound come to a complete stop shoulders in line with 1st and 3rd…

Pitcher on a Batted Ball

Where is the pitcher on a batted ball.  There are as many situations as there are things to do.  By having an idea before it actually happens, you will not be frozen when the ball is hit.  I have compiled a list of what to do when with diagrams to help you visualize the play.  Hit…

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