Beginner Softball Quiz

5299460_sWorking with a new team can be challenging.  Use this beginner softball quiz to learn what they know and to help them to learn more about the game is a perfect introduction to this great sport.  This beginner quiz is a great tool to get them thinking about the game simply by filling out the answers.

They can have someone help them if they like because they are learning by writing down the answers.  When your players have returned the quizzes to you then you can go through the answers as a team and discuss how they relate to how they play.

Download Beginner Softball Quiz

Beginner Softball Quiz

This is just a sample of what is on the quiz.  Download the document so that you can print it and hand it out to your team.

How long have you played softball:

Answer the questions as best as you can. Use other people to help you with the answers if you want to..

What is a Relay Play?
What is an Overthrow?
What is a Lead Off?
What is a Foul Ball?
What is the base path?
What is a strike, what is a ball?
What is the strike zone (where is it on our body)?
What happens if you have 2 strikes and you hit the ball foul?
What does the first base coach do? What does the third base coach do?
What is a Force Play
When is it not a force play?
How many positions are there? What are they?
What is a steal?
When can you steal?
What is a batting order?
What is an on deck batter? Where does she stand? What does she do?
What is a batters box?
What is an umpire? How many are there?
What is good sportsmanship?

Beginner Softball Quiz
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Beginner Softball Quiz
A beginner softball quiz is a perfect way to not only find out what your new team knows about the game but to also teach them how the rules relate to the softball tactics and strategies.
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