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Pitchers Mental Training


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Pitchers Mental Training Review

What kinds of things do you feel effect your pitching during games:

  • External (ie: coaches, teammates, parents, noise etc.)
  • Internal (ie: nervous, your own expectations, etc.)

List the following phases for your pitching Mechanics

  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Follow Through

How do you recover when you have a bad inning?

How do you prepare for games?

What can the coach or coaches do to assist your mental game?

What do you consider a good game for you?

What do you feel you would like to improve on for your pitching?

What do you consider a good game as a pitcher for anyone?

What do you consider a good game for you as a pitcher?

What do you consider a bad game for you as a pitcher?

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Overall how do you feel about your pitching?

Pitchers Mental Training
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Pitchers Mental Training
Pitchers Mental Training will make the difference when you are having a difficult game or in preparation for a game at any time.
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