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The Softball Game

The softball game can be complicated for new players.  There are so many tactics and strategies that need to be learned along with the skills that need to be executed under pressure.

Basic Softball Rules

Download Basic Softball Rules New players as young as 8 and up to seniors years old need to know some if not all of these rules.  Print out this information sheet and hand .... Read More

Success Stories

Shannon McDougall and her Softball Tutor Academy has helped my team tremendously! I was a first year travel ball coach three years ago and looking for all the help I could .... Read More

Environment Factors

Being an outdoor sport, softball rely’s on many environmental factors.  Our practice and tournament planning usually begins with a weather check and crossing our .... Read More

Retirement from Softball

Athletes that have been involved in sport at a high level for most of their lives are accustomed to a certain level of day to day activity including fitness training. .... Read More