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Softball Psychology

Softball psychology is one of the most important tools you will have as you gain experience in this awesome and complex game..  When you and your opponents are similar in technical, tactical and physical skills, it is the mental training abilities that will separate you.

Athlete Motivation

Highly motivated athletes are said to have a personality that reflects that motivation, much like an athlete that is not highly motivated.  A softball player for example who .... Read More

The Softball Zone

The mental state where you feel you can perform at your best with confidence is your ideal performance state or the softball zone. This is also commonly referred to as .... Read More

Controllables in Softball

One of the most frustrating things in softball is when things are not working your way and you feel like there is nothing that can be done to change it. There are many .... Read More

Visualization for Softball

  We visualize more than we know. Visualization for softball can be used for skill development, relaxation, focusing, concentrating, regaining or maintaining composure. .... Read More

Softball Cue Words

  Try this: think of a word that has more meaning to it than the word itself. For example, you might say “game” which might mean re-focus back on the field .... Read More


Concentration is the action or power of focusing one’s attention or mental effort on one specific thing. The ability to execute a skill and focus on what you are doing .... Read More


Relaxation skills can be just taking a deep breath, and letting all of the air in your lungs out while consciously feeling your shoulders relax as you tell yourself its .... Read More

Softball Confidence

    Softball is a complicated game that can make players feel great and terrible at the same time.  Watch a player field a ball that was just out of reach and then .... Read More

Self Talk For Softball

Are you aware of how you talk to yourself during competition and training? Are you aware of how you talk to yourself in your daily life? Self talk is something I bet you .... Read More
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