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Softball Physical Training

Softball is an explosive sport that requires strength, power and speed for maximum performance.  Softball physical training is essential especially in the preparation phase or the “off season”

Softball Maximum Strength

Strength is the foundation for most skills in softball.  Skills such as power and speed will be enhanced which maximizes skill execution with adequate strength.  The amount .... Read More

Softball Biomechanics

Softball Biomechanics are essentially the mechanics of our biological movements.  By having labels for movement it is easier to relate the activities to movements and when .... Read More

Playing in the Heat

As the summer gets hotter the threat of heat stroke gets more real.  Hydration, good nutrition, fitness and cool breaks are critical in the prevention of heat related .... Read More

Fitness Benefits of Softball

How will the fitness tests help me be a better softball player? Aerobic Power – 8 minute run Aerobic means “with oxygen”. It is also call endurance or cardio vascular .... Read More

Softball Energy System

We derive energy from the food we eat which is stored in the muscle cells in the form  ATP.  The ATP is composed of 1 molecule of adenosine and 3 molecules of phosphate. .... Read More

Dynamic Warm Up

The purpose of a warm up is to prepare the body for action.  The purpose of a dynamic warm up is to prepare the body for performance.  It used to be that teams would run, .... Read More