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Softball Coaching

Softball coaching is one of the most challenging, rewarding, frustrating, enlightening and influential positions in sport.  Not only because of the ages of athletes that we coach but also because it is predominantly girls that play.  This makes our position important in so many ways in the development of these athletes as they move through their career.

Playoff Time

Yaaaaaaay!!! Its time for the big show! time to get ready for playoff time…. be the best…… play our hearts out……. and WIN!! STOP! Now take a .... Read More

Power of Coaching

As a coach for over 20 years I am very aware of the effects of sport on an individual. Coaches can bring a player up to the highest point and then crush them like an ant. .... Read More

Softball Success Planning

    What is a softball success planning in your specific competitive situation?  We generally hear about Periodization and Annual Training Plans when we are .... Read More

Off Season Softball Training

Off season softball training sometimes even requires more planning than during the season.  One of the most common statements that I hear when coaches talk about off season .... Read More

First Team Meeting

    This is a quick guideline that you can use when planning your first team meeting.  This first team meeting is the beginning of what your season is going to be .... Read More

Pitching Overuse Injuries

As many of you have seen, I posted a video on the Softball Tutor Facebook Page this week (january 13, 2016) which created a lot of discussion. It was awesome! One of the .... Read More

Softball Through the Holidays

With the Christmas holiday season here, you will likely not be seeing your athletes as often (if at all) as you had prior to December. They are away with friends and family .... Read More
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