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The Softball Catcher The catcher is sometimes referred to as the general on the field. You have a view of the entire playing area so can see the runners and where the ball is. It is a good idea for you to practice calling where to throw the ball if someone fields it and has…

Softball Pitch Selection

Softball Pitch Selection and Placement What Pitch to Throw…and Where to Place It     by Gerald Warner, Softball Pitching Instructor Knowing which pitch to throw and at what location…then being able to do it… is an important element of every pitcher’s effectiveness. However, there are nearly as many ideas and answers regarding pitch selection…

Catcher on a Batted Ball

Where is the catcher on a batted ball.  There are as many situations as there are things to do.  By having an idea before it actually happens, you will not be frozen when the ball is hit.  I have compiled a list of what to do when with diagrams to help you visualize the play….

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