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Softball Baserunning

Softball baserunning starts with your at bat.  How you get out of the batters box and then around the bases will determine your success.  This is where speed, power, instinct and knowledge of the rules is your best friend.

Softball Sliding

    I have found that the most difficult thing to combat in softball sliding is fear.  A player who is afraid of getting hurt will not be able to be relaxed enough .... Read More

Leading Off after the Pitch

April 26, 2015 This Leading Off after the Pitch drill is perfect when you do not have a lot of time to practice with your team and they are fairly new.  Or as a quick drill .... Read More

Basic Softball Baserunning

How do we score runs?  We start with basic softball baserunning.  This skill seems so easy but there are may little intricacies that can have new players confused on what .... Read More

Tag up on three to Score

There’s a fly ball to the outfield with a runner on 3rd base with less than 2 out. What do you as the coach do to help her to tag up on three to score? Here’s .... Read More