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8 Great Coaching Tools


    So often coaches say something but do something else. Or they make a plan with the team to make big improvements and then some of the ideas fall away due to .... Read More


  As coaches, it is common for us to think that if we want things done right we need to do it ourselves.  I know that’s how I did things when I started.  What I .... Read More


      As coaches we educate every day sometimes without even knowing it.  We also have the opportunity to educate without setting up a specific session to .... Read More


    If you as the coach can participate with the athletes in developing the path to success for your team, an environment of of inclusion and a connection to the .... Read More


  To communicate is more than giving signals from the dugout or third base.  Coaches communicate at times more with their actions and body language more than their .... Read More


  To motivate our athletes is what most softball coaches strive to do. The question though is what is motivation and what is motivating softball athletes? There are as .... Read More