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Specialization in softball takes many forms.  The most notable is the amount of time spent on the field and the absence of other sports and activities.  A practice 2-3 times a week and games on weekends for 5 months of the year then playing in the fall league and then going to the gym to practice or train.  Coaches fighting with other coaches of other sports because players are missing practice is a good sign that your softball player is now specializing in softball.

It is important to be aware of the time commitments on the team that your each softball player is on.  Are practices getting more intense?  Is there more practice time and games?   Now is he time to be in touch with your young softball player.  How is she feeling about the game in general?  Is she still enjoying being with her friends and playing as much as she is?

I have heard many parents say as their player is playing up an age group because her abilities are strong.  She is the one that is driving this desire.  You need to be aware at this point that even though your daughter is seemingly driving her participation, you need to be the one that directs participation based on knowledgeable decision making.

You need to be aware of your daughters athletic age and chronological age as you compare her skills to other kids on the team.


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